Farewell to the Tetanus Shed

Lucky lucky me to have such a great and handy dad – my pops and stepmom drove out from Colorado and spent a week out here to see the house and help out (Aylene did some SERIOUS work on the front yard – it looks fantastic now, but I’d still like to change a lot about it – my neighbors are stepping it up to stay in line now).

When it wasn’t raining (stupid rain!), Dad pulled down the Tetanus Shed, and put up some new fence boards – but not before Stitch escaped, which I know because my neighbor called me in the middle of the day to tell me he had her.  The backyard looks much bigger and YAY!  No more tetanus shed!

Backyard before. Note tetanus shed in back right corner.

Shed remnants.

Minus a shed, plus some new fencing.

However – taking the tetanus shed down left some of our feathered friends and their nest a little vulnerable, though they seem to be doing okay.  So far their biggest threat is me, as I go peering through branches to see their cute little pale blue speckled eggs; or Stitch as she chases them around the yard (The Girls are in for it).  The FUN part has been the archaeological dig site underneath where the Tetanus Shed was.  Stitch has found so many super fun things to play with – desiccated rats, vertebrae, jawbones, old dried out poo, various flotsam and jetsam, poison, returned checks from 1971 ($2 to a church charity for boys!), a rain boot (high heeled, with laces – I guess you could keep your heels on and slip these guys on over), an ashtray, and a ton of spiders and centipedes.

This jawbone is not bluetooth enabled.

We’ve since then pulled out the rest of the jades, and most of the junipers, and moved the bricks (aka Spider Town) and pavers; creating a bunch of pseudo holes that Stitch is helping us make bigger every time we turn our backs on her.  Sand is so easy to dig.  She could be in our neighbors yard in 10 minutes if she really wanted to be.  Oh, and what do you know, she DID want to be, and it didn’t take 10 minutes, it took more like one.  The extra exciting part is that it’s easy to get out of their yard, and sniffing around the neighborhood unattended is superfun.


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