El jardin de La Casita Roja

This is taking us way back because I am way behind on posts.  Once upon a time, we posted an offer on Craigslist for any takers to come on over and dig up any of the plants we inherited with Little Red.  They came in droves (okay, four people came) and dug up everything from what we wanted to make our planting bed, and we went to town.

Corn, tomatoes (two kinds), lavender (two kinds), peppers (two kinds), zucchini, strawberries, and flowers all went in.  In smaller planters, went basil, oregano, chives, cilantro and thyme.

We chopped and turned and scattered poop and stuff, and turned some more, and then planted our little future dinners, watered, and waited.

Grow little zuke, grow!

Now, a month later, we’re going strong.  Only two strawberry plants bit the dust, the tomatoes and corn are going like gangbusters, the peppers are maintaining (come on peppers, show some gusto), the zukes have finally broken through (we had to replant after a certain four legged whirling dervish scattered the first mounds), the lavender is . . . I dunno, growing or something, and the herbs are going nuts (except the chives, which are exactly the same size as they were when I planted them – wtf chives?!).  My basil has gotten a bit rubbery though, what’s up with that?  I mean, it still tastes good, so I guess it’s not a big deal, but the leaves are very firm and thicker than I’m used to.

Corns and 'maters and lavenders and bachelor's buttons.

Little bitty berries.

We also adopted some plants from my step-grandmother’s backyard – sweet little flowers which I put in a planter (and still have more to go) and they’re doing quite well.

The only thing that’s suffering is the gorgeous hydrangea my mom got us as a housewarming gift – it was so beautiful, and then looks like it got scorched during a heat wave.  I just trimmed everything back and will keep my fingers crossed.  The plant is quite large, so I think it needs to be planted asap, but we don’t have a spot for it quite yet.

And yes, in the photos below, I had just watered.  Not the prettiest, sorry.

Look at those zukes now!

It's like a jungle!

The hydrangea we inherited with the house is blooming like woah.

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