The Girls

I don’t think I can go too far into this blog without commenting on our animals.  Well yes, it’s true, we don’t have any yet, but WE WILL!

Not counting Stitch (the dog), who we’ll find someday, we will be hosting a flock of lovely ladies in our back yard.  Well, laundry room for the first month and a half, but after that it’s straight to the outside with them!

Thanks to the fine fine folks over at My Pet Chicken, we will have four (assuming we have no losses during shipping OMG please cross your fingers that we have no losses during shipping!) sweet little chicks peeping our ears off and scratching up clouds of dust and pooping on everything come early July.  We can’t wait!

First we have to fix the fence, then we have to build a coop that will put Fort Knox to shame (I don’t need raccoon gangs or sneaky, slinking rats trying to eat my feathered friends), then we have to keep the girls inside and warm for a few weeks, and then we get to wait for them to start making our breakfast.  And our friends’ breakfast.  And possibly our coworkers’ breakfasts too.  Four chickens means a dozen eggs or so a week once they get going, and folks, that is a LOT of eggs for two people to get through on a regular basis.

Let me introduce you to our breeds, via photos from the aforementioned My Pet Chicken.

First up, we have Rose, our little Rhode Island Red:

Then we have Dorothy, our sturdy looking Easter Egger:

Of course we have Blanche, our fancy Silver Laced Wyandotte:

Last, but certainly not least, we have our little white Silkie bantam, who has yet to be named though I would like the record to show that I am strongly in favor of any Fraggle based names, for obvious reasons:

Yes, that really is a chicken.

And thems our girls.  Stay tuned for their escapades, as I’m quite certain they’ll be having plenty.

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2 Responses to The Girls

  1. suki says:

    YES! I’m going to need updates on your ladies. Once Ryan finishes up the backyard, we’re going to have our own too. I think two or three. 🙂

  2. TM says:

    Wow. Blanche will certainly be the beauty of the gang. Will little Ms. Unnamed be able to see? She looks furry rather than feathery. I bet she’ll be soft.

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