Backyard Blitz

In a mad dash to have a presentable backyard for our now annual 4th of July bbq (we can call it that even if it’s only the second year, right?  I mean, yearly means yearly, no matter how many years . . .), Patrick has gone all Westeros on it.

New planter boxes have been built (and planted), the old planter bed has been torn apart, a new paved patio has gone down in its place, the deck has come down, and will shortly go back up, with the hot tub in place.  Phew!  This all took place in the span of  about a month and a half, so you know, no rush.  It’s a good thing Patrick and Marty work like they’re being whipped.

In progress

Stitch, enjoying the finished project.

Look ma, no deck!

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  1. Quinn says:

    Looks amazing. You really are whipping them, aren’t you?

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