Baker, candlestick maker. . .

Nothing like waiting nearly a year between posts to keep readers on the edge of their seats, and nothing makes a splash quite like the quiet art of candle making, am I right?

I am inexplicably in love with these little quilted Kerr jars and keep buying them because, well, I have no excuse.  I keep buying them to put things in, that’s what they’re for.  In this case, candles!

Prepping the jars.I tried to make half of them lemon/vanilla scented, because, YUM, and I added a bit of lavender to the other half, because also yum, but I clearly have to work on my ratios as they smell like a whole lot of nothing when they burn.  They sure are cute little things though.

Now I just have to get on that whole “butcher” thing.

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2 Responses to Baker, candlestick maker. . .

  1. Quinn says:

    4505 Meats does great butchery classes.

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