Time Passes

Time passes, and blog posts get condensed. . . . something I intend to do an entire post on ends up relegated to a single photo in an “update compilation” post.  But you understand, right?  We’re over here, working hard, taking on side jobs to make extra money, falling off ladders onto toilets (ouch, by the way), hosting and planning parties, just trying to get it all done.

I nearly finished the ottoman. The outside looks swell, the inside is pretty rough.

Stitch gets cuddle time with us on the couch now, which she takes full advantage of.

I finally hung my "animals in suits" after the addition of Mr. Peacock. YAY!

Patrick went from an Amish Whaler. . .

. . . to a late 70s/early 80s cop.

From green eggs n ham to a poached pal with asparagus, we have been eating many, many, very delicious eggs.

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