We’ve done a lot with Little Red since August, but not nearly as much as I had hoped (always the way, right?)

Let’s see – did I ever show you my new floors in the laundry room/pantry?

Laundry room floor

Pretty right?  Patrick and Marty are THE BEST.  If you needed further proof, just check out the new dishwasher and sink/faucet/garbage disposal they installed.  I’m in HEAVEN.

Hard at work on dishwasher installation.

Our new baby.

. . . so nice. . .

We finally got some painting done as well (Mysterious blue in the dining room, Metropolitan gray in the living room, Popcorn white on the ceiling), and while I don’t have very many photos, I do have some of the dining room since that color made us a little bit nervous once it was actually on the walls.  We still have to paint the living room ceiling and do a second coat of blue and some gray touch up work.

Dining Room

It looks light on the bright wall.

And nearly black on the darker wall.

And now, we are currently in full swing on a . . . . “carport reinforcement project.” I expect the newly reinforced carport to look and act a whole lot like a garage and craft room with lots of storage, maybe a bathroom. . .

No more carport!

YES – the backyard looks huge.
NO – Patrick will not let me keep it that way and just have more garden.  Yes, I asked.

Also, NO – I did not finish that jewelry cabinet yet, but I did start building an ottoman too and mostly finished almost kind of.  No, we have not started on the bedroom which we said we were doing first.

Notable mentions: trimming trees and bushes in the front yard and generally tidying it up; constant spider web removal; partial replacement of the defunct extractor fan in the bathroom (did I tell you it got a nice coat of white paint while I was out of town?); a new chandelier in the dining room to replace the horrible plastic Tiffany/TGIFriday’sesque one that was in there (you can see one at the 1:30 mark if you watch that clip); a repair to the fan/light in the kitchen so I no longer have to cook by Christmas light (yes, I really did); constant chicken poop removal of all surfaces, mostly the coop and our back porch (thanks for that Stitch!); constant dog walking/exercising/interacting/doggy school to learn how to nicely approach other dogs (still a MAJOR work in progress); decorating for both Halloween and Christmas (and then taking those decorations down and storing them in the attic; entertaining family and friends; and creation and mailing out of our very first twee Christmas card.


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3 Responses to Progress

  1. Quinn says:

    you house is looking good, but that card is amazing!

  2. suki says:

    can’t wait for a revisit to check out all the changes in person! 😛

  3. Jessica Stefani says:

    Love your card!!

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