Always behind. . . .

You know, I read a lot of other people’s blogs.  There are a TON of remodel/DIY/home improvement/design blogs out there.  Some are professional, but the others are just couples (or individuals) just like us, who are chronicling our tiny home base triumphs via the internet.  And I can’t help but wonder – HOW ON EARTH DO THEY HAVE ALL OF THIS TIME?  It seems like they lead rich, full lives – families, jobs, friends, plus projects, photographing said projects, then writing about said projects and uploading them all to their blog.

Patrick and I were talking about this today – how does it seem like we come home with a reasonable task list in mind, and then get like, none of it done?  I have a list of things I’ve intended to do for weeks now, but by the time I’m home, the mail is opened and dealt with, the dog is walked, the chickens are fed and watered, dinner is cooked, a load of laundry is done, a little bit of tidying is done (and I mean a little bit). . . . it’s bed time!  And on weekends we’re dog sitting, visiting family, spending time with friends or enjoying the luxury of sleeping in a bit (some of us later than others * cough, Patrick, cough *).  What are we missing?  How have we not quite gotten into the swing of things that others seem to be handling just fine?

We need to finish our chicken coop.  Well, the coop is built (though we caved and bought a cheaply made – grrr – prefab, Ikea style, screw it together yourself one, instead of doing it from scratch), but we haven’t prepped the ground to actually put the coop in place yet.  Speaking of which though, here are the girls checking the run out yesterday – they are seriously too big for their little brooding box now and need to go outside – even though they don’t like the cold and are afraid of the dark.  * sigh *  Such chickens.

Chicks in the run

Chicks in the run, some more

Stitch isn’t buying it

Our concern now is that Stitch will throw herself against the hardware cloth enough to break into the coop.  She is quite strong, and really good at shoving things with her front feet.  We’re hoping she just gets used to them enough to ignore them sooner rather than later, but given her prey drive, I doubt that’s happening.

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