The Girls are here!

Thursday morning I got a lovely phone call from my mailman – would I be home because he had a box with some sort of birds in it. . . . “HECK YES I WILL BE HOME, THOSE ARE MY CHICKS!!” I may have shouted in excited response.

Well, around 9:30 am he knocked on my door with a peeping shoebox of fun – little Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Miss Olive had arrived, all healthy and excited to be let out of the dark box that had been their first class transportation from Connecticut to California.  Peep peep – we’re here!

Stitch meeting her snacks, er, sisters, for the first time.

Figuring out the whole food & water thing

Teeny baby Olive

Squirmy Baby Rose

Little Baby Dorothy

Little Baby Blanche

We have only had them three days or so, and they are already bigger and braver, and pooping like crazy.  Their little wing and tail feathers are starting to grow, as are their teeny little combs!  It’s the cutest thing, and I have to say it, baby chicken butts are also very cute; no joke.

Blanche is the boldest – she’s been our loner; if any chick is not in “the pile” it’s bound to be Blanche.  But she’s also the first to run up to check us out and she’s pretty comfortable being held.  Rose is skittish – she tries the most vehemently to leap out of hands that are holding her (which is probably why I had a bad dream that Stitch got her), but also has a very sassy attitude about her.  Olive is the baby – she tends to be at the bottom of the sleep pile, acting as pillow, and she is also the loudest of the bunch; especially when we take her out of the brooder away from her flock.  Dorothy is fairly mellow – she sticks with the pack and is fine with being held – a stereotypical under the radar middle child, though we expect she’ll be the biggest of the bunch once they’re fully grown.

Three days old and already saucy

Thanks to My Pet Chicken (the hatchery where we got our girls), here are some images of what they’ll look like once they grow up.

Miss Olive the Silkie Bantam:

Rose, the Rhode Island Red:

Blanche, the Silver Laced Wyandotte:

And last but not least, our star layer (I’m kind of hoping she lays blue or green eggs, but will happily accept pink, and grudgingly take white or brown), Dorothy the Easter Egger (because Easter Eggers are not purebreds, but are bred for the likelihood of laying blue or green eggs, we’re not sure exactly what she’ll look like when she feathers out):


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  1. Quinn says:

    I agree with Stitch; they look delicious!

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