Drowning in a sea of projects. . .

It should come as no surprise to anyone that we are WAY behind where we’d like to be with Little Red.

Since we just have to entertain (it’s seriously like an illness for me), we have to hope that our friends and family can look beyond the chaos that we’re currently living with.  Take the Fourth of July for instance.  We’re having a bbq, and it is 7 days away.  In that time, we hope to accomplish the following (feel free to start laughing now):

  • Clean kitchen
  • Clean living room
  • Clean dining room
  • Clean bedroom
  • Clean floors throughout
  • Dust
  • Get junk off back deck and tidy up yard (hope that guests manage to ignore the giant blue tarped stack of future kitchen chaos in our carport)
  • Pick up dog poop
  • Weed whack the “lawn” (or ask a neighbor if we can borrow their mower)
  • Put up lattice along deck to hide all of that stuff we’re taking off the deck and throwing hastily underneath to a) make things look better and b) try to prevent any children or drunken party goers from climbing underneath and getting hurt by a protruding nail or something.
  • Put up last few shelves in laundry/pantry
  • Put all the junk in the dining room on said shelves
  • Finish painting the trim in the laundry/pantry
  • Put in dryer vent in laundry room
  • Hose down dirty, filthy, house (how on earth do you keep the outside of a house clean?!)
  • Get rid of creepy spider webs all over the place
  • Return broken Adirondack chair, and put together new one
  • Paint the bathroom (!! – Patrick is insane for wanting to include this one, but that’s just one busy girl’s opinion)
  • Attend a motorcycle class all night on Tuesday, and half the day on Saturday and Sunday (Patrick)
  • Have dinner with friends on Wednesday
  • Fly to Phoenix and home again on Thursday (Jen)
  • Get stuff ready for imminent chicken arrival week of July 5th
  • Figure out some way to keep Stitch from escaping as people come and go that doesn’t involve tying her up, which leads to the dreaded doggie screeching
  • Shop
  • Cook
  • Bake
  • Decorate

No problem, right?  Thank God I’m taking Friday off. . . .

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One Response to Drowning in a sea of projects. . .

  1. Suki says:

    My list is just as long. 😛 I’m thinking I should stop ignoring certain items…

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