Kitchen Remodel

Well.  I didn’t think I’d be titling any posts like that any time soon.  We sort of figured our updating of Little Red was limited to the paint and plaster variety given our teeny budget – what with the whole “blowing our savings on buying a house” thing.

We figured we’d have to make do with peeling off wallpaper, repainting things, and maybe, MAYBE finding a nice cheap slab o’granite or something for an updated counter top.  We were fully prepared for this to be the case for the next several years, and in fact, weren’t even considering going that far right now.

Now that the pantry is “done” (please note, the pantry is not done) and we can actually put stuff away in there, we can focus on the other rooms.  Our bedroom is first and foremost.  One can only let one’s last image for the day be this for so long:

This makes me gag a little, even after having been away from it for almost a week now. My "flophouse chic" has lost its chic.

So yeah, see?  Bedroom first.  Then the living/dining, then the office, maybe repaint the pink (same shade as in bedroom) bathroom somewhere in there, and then – years and years from now – kitchen and bathroom remodels.

Thanks to the lovely and thoughtful and non-wasteful, Joe Nunley, our kitchen remodel just got bumped up to like, now-ish.  He’s redoing a kitchen and before pulling out the “old” stuff and just trashing it, he thought to bestow the wonderful gift of opportunity upon us.  He called Patrick to see if he wanted to come take that “old” stuff for Little Red.  And yes, yes he did want to do that.  Because this “old” stuff is still perfectly lovely – its current owners just got tired of it.

Cabinets galore, sink(s), maybe even a chunk o’granite countertop if we can pull it out without destroying it.


More cabinets and sink.

More cabinets. . .

More cabinets and counters. . . how big WAS this kitchen?!

We’ll still want to paint the cabinets – I don’t think either of us is into the light maple, but these are much nicer than the drab, old, flat front cabinets we currently have.  AND we’ll have to figure out a good layout to maximize our storage and counter space, while not making the kitchen feel too weensy.

This is one of those stories that happens to other people and you think, “Man.  Luckies.”  It feels quite a bit like winning the lottery.

Thanks Joe!!!

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  1. suki says:

    what a gigantic kitchen full of counters and cabinets! 🙂 perfect opportunity!

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