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Baker, candlestick maker. . .

Nothing like waiting nearly a year between posts to keep readers on the edge of their seats, and nothing makes a splash quite like the quiet art of candle making, am I right? I am inexplicably in love with these … Continue reading

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Green Eggs and Ham

We are so proud of Dorothy – not only has she started laying green eggs (!) but she’s laying with startling regularity compared to her sisters.  Rose and Blanche seem to be shamed by the size and regularity of Dorothy’s … Continue reading

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Laundry Room/Pantry Part 2

It’s nearly done now, as the photographic evidence below will show. Pantry and Laundry Room remodel

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El jardin de La Casita Roja

This is taking us way back because I am way behind on posts.  Once upon a time, we posted an offer on Craigslist for any takers to come on over and dig up any of the plants we inherited with … Continue reading

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Oh Stitch. . . .

Stitch is acclimating to her new life with us.  We are trying to help her learn the house rules, while she tries to train us that she may be smaller, but she still calls the shots.  Aside from running through … Continue reading

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Stitch’s Day

Wake up. Pee. Go for a big walk. Run through the garden. Run through it some more when Patrick says “no” and “get out of there”. Hang out. Welcome Jen home. Hop up on the couch to show how excited … Continue reading

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Endless projects and unpacking

It’s been a busy week over here at Little Red, and not one moment of it was spent how I anticipated spending this week.  I was supposed to be sanding and painting woodwork.  I have done none of either.  We … Continue reading

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Invasions of the Yuppiesnatchers

Forgive the disjointed nature of this post – I am transcribing this as Patrick excitedly relates his day. Patrick cracked me up tonight by outlining JUST how yuppie our lives have been lately: “Oh, you know, we’re moving from Pacific … Continue reading

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Looking for a new home

Don’t let anyone tell you this is a fun process. I mean – it is, but only for a minute.  Then it’s a grueling, exhausting, emotional roller coaster hunt for mediocrity.  You’ll find that your price point doesn’t get you … Continue reading

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A new chapter

Well, it has finally happened.  I’m a homeowner.  Well, not just me.  Me (Jen), and this handsome guy (Patrick) that I’m lucky enough to live with.  Here we are in front of our adorable new/110 year old house, Little Red. … Continue reading

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