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Baker, candlestick maker. . .

Nothing like waiting nearly a year between posts to keep readers on the edge of their seats, and nothing makes a splash quite like the quiet art of candle making, am I right? I am inexplicably in love with these … Continue reading

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Backyard Blitz

In a mad dash to have a presentable backyard for our now annual 4th of July bbq (we can call it that even if it’s only the second year, right?  I mean, yearly means yearly, no matter how many years … Continue reading

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Time Passes

Time passes, and blog posts get condensed. . . . something I intend to do an entire post on ends up relegated to a single photo in an “update compilation” post.  But you understand, right?  We’re over here, working hard, … Continue reading

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And our basket is complete.

Olive finally started laying, and her eggs aren’t nearly as small as I imagined – they’re really the same size as Blanche and Rose’s.  Whoever said that three of her “tiny” eggs would equal one “regular” chicken egg was exaggerating.  … Continue reading

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Green Eggs and Ham

We are so proud of Dorothy – not only has she started laying green eggs (!) but she’s laying with startling regularity compared to her sisters.  Rose and Blanche seem to be shamed by the size and regularity of Dorothy’s … Continue reading

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Coming right along. . . seems a little bigger than I imagined, especially given how teeny tiny Stitch looks in it.

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We’ve done a lot with Little Red since August, but not nearly as much as I had hoped (always the way, right?) Let’s see – did I ever show you my new floors in the laundry room/pantry? Pretty right?  Patrick … Continue reading

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How Time Flies. . . .

My last post was in August, which means I have a lot of catching up to provide. The chickens are CHICKENS and no longer little chicks.  Rose for sure has started laying, and we suspect that either Dorothy or Blanche … Continue reading

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Chicken Update

The girls have gone from awkward teenagers (seriously unattractive and a bit prehistoric looking) to looking more like full grown chickens in miniature.

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Always behind. . . .

You know, I read a lot of other people’s blogs.  There are a TON of remodel/DIY/home improvement/design blogs out there.  Some are professional, but the others are just couples (or individuals) just like us, who are chronicling our tiny home … Continue reading

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